The eucalyptus charcoal project was proposed in 2008, officially launched in 2009 and announced officially closed in 2011. This website has been prepared in order to report the processes taken, current valuation, market considerations, and recommendations for harvest.

1.1 Background

In 2008 the company proposed the development of a number of barren land sites situated within the state of Bahia, Brazil.

The purpose of the project would be to develop several farm sites over the term, establishing these sites with eucalyptus crops which would subsequently be processed at harvest into charcoal.

Officially launched in 2009 the project continued for a further two years until it was announced closed in 2011.

Over the course of the past 8 years the company has managed to successfully clear, transform, plant, and maintain eucalyptus crops on several farm sites.

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1.2 2008 Project Proposal

In 2008 the proposal was to develop eucalyptus crops on land within the state of Bahia, these crops would subsequently be harvested over an 8 year period before being processed into charcoal in order to satisfy the demand from the domestic pig iron industry.

Following approval of the phase 1 report, the project was progressed on a number of farm sites, focussed on the Bahia region and in close proximity to the city of Barreiras.

The sites chosen were situated in areas shown at the time to have rainfall of 1200mm, and in close proximity to a new asphalt highway connecting the sites to the port of Salvador, should export markets need to be considered at a later stage in the project.

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Important Notification

Clients are hereby notified due to the direct nature of the company and its products any changes are required to receive notification prior to accessing external markets. As such clients looking to access external markets will be required to sign a further notification in order for the company to act.

Therefore should any individual look to direct the company further resulting in changes to the original Agreement and / or transferring the terms under their original Agreement this must be done in writing before the 1st June 2017.

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Click to download the focus report on the Brazilian Association of Forest Plantation Producers. This Brochure is a comprehensive report on the site itself and the current operation values.

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